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Hera Face Designing Highlighter 10g

Hera Face Designing Highlighter 10g

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Delicate and exquisite pearls for shimmering radiance

Shimmering pearls put delicate radiance to the skin like the Milky Way and create brightness with a luxuriant glow that changes color depending on the viewing angle due to the refraction of light

Vibrant, glowing skin as smooth as fine porcelain

Powder and binder are mixed like when making porcelain paste, so that particles are well packed together to create a smooth, natural finish.

Light and silky texture without any blowing powder

It is a baked type, which means that its light and yet solid texture is applied smoothly without any powder drifting around.


  • Put a good amount on 1/2 of one side of the brush.
  • Sweep the brush over flat forehead, T-zone and under the eyes.
  • Apply on top of the upper lip and below the chin with a light stroke to add brightness and dimension to the face.