Our products are shipped directly from the producing
country, South Korea. Some selected items are
shipped from Florida, U.S.
Every order is handled and packaged within
a few days (weekdays).
Price of shipping depends on what shipping
method you use (See options upon checkout). 
Is there a shipping fee?
Currently we add a $8 service fee
for regular shipping up
to $58
From $58 all orders are FREE.
 DHL is $25
 When will I receive my ordered products?
Regular Shipping: 10-12 days
Priority Shipping 7-10 days
Express, DHL Express 1-4 days
Free Shipping: For promotional purposes we may offer
free shipping, e.g. Order $30+ get free shipping.
Among our shipping options are E-packet global courier and
SF-Express, whoever seem to be offer the fastest route currently.
Circumstances that may affect they delivery time:
Type of delivery selected
Delivery country and receiving country postal routines
Public Holidays
Extraordinary events, such as the Covid 19 pandemic
Any taxes or custom fees from products purchased are
handled by Bitter Honey and will be Bitter Honey
sole responsibility.