Frequently Asked Questions
 What are your payment options?
You may pay with your Visa, Mastercard,
Amex or Maestro credit or debit card.
Other options are Paypal, Shop Pay,
Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Local bank transfer within USA on request
Do you offer discount codes?
Yes, sometimes we have promotion codes.
Usually they apply if you signed up as a member.
Is there a shipping fee?
Currently we add a service and handling fee
for regular shipping up to $98
Order value: - $30 - Fee $9.80
Order value: $30 - $88 - Fee $8.80
Order value: $98+  - FREE
FedEx is $18

Circumstances that may affect they delivery time:
Type of delivery selected
Delivery country and receiving country postal routines
Public Holidays
Extraordinary events, such as the Covid 19 pandemic.
For our US customers only, any taxes or custom fees
from products purchased are
handled by Bitter Honey and will be Bitter Honey
sole responsibility.

 When will I receive my ordered products?
Regular Shipping: 7-15 days
Express, FedEx 1-4 days
USPS or UPS within USA 3-7 days

Are you products authentic?
Yes, indeed, we are selling original products,
manufactured in South Korea and shipped
directly from there. Some of those famous
South Korean brands are Laneige and Innisfree.
What if my package/product is damaged from the shipping,
what can I do?
Please contact us as soon as possible.
Please see our shipping policy.


Can I track my order?
 Yes, you will get tracking information for your order.


Do I have to pay any custom or tax?
USA: Your order will be duty and tax free, since
the U.S. has an FTA (Free Trade Agreement)
with our shipping country, South Korea.
For any other country, please check with
respective authorities.
Can I cancel by order?
Yes, you are eligible for a refund if we did not yet process your order
for shipping. You must always contact us by email: admin@bitterhoney.com