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Hera Age Away Modifier 40ml

Hera Age Away Modifier 40ml

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Clear away external irritants to leave nothing but the ultimate smoothness.

Anti-aging solution to protect the skin against sensory pollution and provide the ultimate smoothness for the skin

It is an anti-wrinkle serum that delicately and smoothly covers the skin tired and roughened by the stressful urban environment while, at the same time, replenishing the skin with strong energy to make it look youthful again.

Skin-Fill PowerTM with targeting technology improves the skins condition from the starting point of aging

With HERAs original targeting technology, it delivers Skin-Fill PowerTM to skin that starts to age and, by doing so, it strengthens the skin and makes it supple and vibrant again.

Creamy texture with a smooth finish

Its creamy sensuous texture glides into the skin and takes care of wrinkles and skin texture while building up a breathing protective layer over the skin to give the skin ultimate smoothness and glow.

Sensory pollution

*Sensory pollution: Pollution caused by human activities, for example exhaust gas, noise and vibration; it irritates the epidermis and accelerates skin aging

5 biggest skin concerns of 100 SEOULISTAS
  • Loss of the skins firmness from exposure to particulate matter
  • Dark circles resulting from lack of sleep
  • Skin feeling dry in the dry indoor air (heater and air conditioner)
  • Skin troubles caused by stress
  • Dull skin tone resulting from irregular routine of life

What 100 SEOULISTAS say about MODIFIER and how it changed their skin in only three weeks! Moisture level in the skin: 98.4% Skin smoothness: 95.2% Glow and radiance: 96.8% Vibrant look and energy: 92.1% Suppleness: 95.2%


  1. Apply all over the face at the essence step of your skincare routine in the morning and at night.
  2. Cup your face to help the skin absorb.
  3. Use: 0.4ml (pump twice, diameter: 1cm)

Special anti-aging care for ultimate smoothness

Massage to boost the skins smoothness using AGE AWAY MODIFIER

Point massage
  • Delicately apply AGE AWAY MODIFIER over the skin along the texture and press the areas around the mouth, next to the nasal bone and middle of the forehead using the side between your thumb and index finger.
Boost to the skins firmness
  • Place your palms on the acupressure points and pull outwards like you are stretching both cheeks.


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