Hanyul Moonlight Citrus Face Oil

Hanyul Moonlight Citrus Face Oil

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Hanyul Moonlight Citrus Face Oil

feature of product

Yuzu Peel Oil has a lot of moisture and shine that is comfortable for the skin ~ With the antioxidant effect of Vita Oil Complex ™ *, the skin fatigue is bad ~ The natural moonshine yuja scent is fragrant to your heart

Moonlight Citron Face Oil

* Vita Oil Complex ™ = Beta-Carotene & Tocopherol

The benefits of Korean nature conveying to your daily life with Hanyul's sincere desire to leave only benefit and comfort

It uses only citron (Geographical Indication No. 14) from Goheung, Jeollanam-do, which has warm sunlight and a clear, soft sea breeze and ripens in scent and color.

Yuzu is a fruit rich in vitamins in Korea. It is a seasonal fruit that can be harvested in November for only 2-3 months.

? Geographical indication: An indication that a product originating in a territory, region, or region when the quality, reputation, or other characteristics of the product originate from a geographical origin.

The prescription for relieving skin fatigue & recharging vitality of Hanyul Moonlight Citron Line

Citron peel oil

Collect the oil by collecting the thick citron shells and squeezing them without adding anything.

To get 1 kg of yuzu peel oil, you need about 22,500 * yuzu.

The fragrance and color of the moonlight citron line is that of citron peel oil itself, with no artificial ingredients.

* Number of citrons in a 10kg box of citrons = 70 ~ 80 lessons (approximately 133g per lesson)

Natural Fermented Citron Water ™

Wash only the citron peel and cut it into pieces.

Maintain 30 ? for 10 days and ferment as it is to obtain natural fermented citron water ™.

The core efficacy of the moonlight citron line, which adds energy to tired skin to rejuvenate, begins here.

Secret of Hanyul Moonlight Citron Face Oil Vita Oil Complex ™ & Citron Peel Oil

Vita Oil Complex ™ 's antioxidant power

Vita Oil Complex ™ is prescribed for Moonlight Citron Face Oil.

It is a core component of face oil that relieves the fatigue of skin accumulated with citron rich in vitamins.

* Vita Oil Complex ™ = Beta-Carotene & Tocopherol

Aromatic moisturizing power of citron peel oil

It contains the fine color and fragrance of yuzu peel oil.

Even with one drop, you can feel the moist feeling of filling the gaps in the skin.

Moon oil citron face oil that leaves only shine and moisture, and eliminates frustratingness and stickiness

100% oil, but quick absorption without excessive shine

Fragrant and healthy moisturizing the scent and color of yuzu peel oil

How to use

. At the last step of skin care, take 1 ~ 2 drops, spread over the entire face and press firmly for absorption.

. You can also use Hanyul Moonlight Citron Sleep Pack for 1 drop.

. In particular, if you drop 1 drop directly on a dry area and absorb it, you can keep it moist and shiny for a long time.

Spend the night with Moonlight Citron Face Oil.

1. Every night, used at the end of skin care

2. Add 1 drop to the amount of use of Moonlight Citron Sleep Pack

3. Apply 2 drops thinly before the base makeup to create a shine

With deep inspiration, you can feel the essence of moonlight and feel comfortable

Try it with Moonlight Citron Face Oil.

Hanyul Moonlight Citron Sleep Pack

60ml / 30 thousand won

If you add 1 drop of face oil to 1 use of sleeping pack, you can feel deeper moisture.

Hanyul Moonlight Citron Oil Sheet Mask

1 piece 5,000 won / 5 sheets SET 18,000 won

During the week when your skin is very tired, use a sheet mask once or twice a week with special care.


Hanyul Moonlight Citron Line

For a tired skin, for a hard time for me.

Good night, sleep well, my skin


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