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Primera Moisture Cleansing Tissue 60ea

Primera Moisture Cleansing Tissue 60ea

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It is a cleansing tissue that conveniently wipes away makeup with its soft, moisturizing touch.

 Skin Purification
  • Olive oil leaves the skin feeling soft, never dry or tight. Also it bolsters the skin’s protection, which weakens from cleansing.
  • Aloe vera extracts leave the skin clean, removing all traces of pollutants and impurities, and form the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • It leaves skin supple and moist.



Pull one tissue out at a time and remove the color makeup around your eyes and mouth. Gently remove makeup by wiping from the center of your face toward the sides. Apply cleansing foam for thorough cleansing, and rinse with water.

*Use one tissue only once and do not use the product for purposes other than facial washing.