What is your skin type?

Six different skin types - which one do you have?

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Normal skin -The skin isn’t too dry or too oily. Has minimal sensitivity and the skin is smooth. With this skin type the best thing to do is to maintain your healthy skin as it is.

Tips for normal skin:

  • Maintain your skin.
  • Use what the skin needs! For the occasional dryness use a heavier cream and for pimples a spot treatment.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Follow a basic skincare routine; Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and exfoliant.


Oily skin -The skin has an overproduction of sebum and is prone to acne and large pores. If the skin looks shiny throughout the day then you have oily skin. ingredients that are good for oily skin is salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, retinol, honey, Aloe vera, tea tree oil and avoid oils like coconut that can clog the pores, Use products labeled oil-free and oily skin.

Tips for oily skin:

  • Wash regularly (every morning and evening).
  • Use light weight moisturizers.
  • Don’t over exfoliate (1-2 times a week).


Dry skin - The skin is dry, dull and flaky. If the skin feels tight and/or flakey you have dry skin. Good ingredients for dry skin is argan oil, hyaluronic acid, natural oils and ceramics. Avoid ingredients such as salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide.

Tips for dry skin:

  • Use gentle products.
  • Moisturize immediately after a shower.
  • Avoid harsh or drying cleansers or soaps.
  • Layer moisturizer; by reapplying the moisturizer after a couple of minutes.

Combination skin - A combination of all of those above, some parts might be oily and some dry/normal. Good ingredients for combination skin is hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, peptides, AHA and BHA.

Tips for combination skin:

  • Use oil balancing cleansers.
  • Use cream moisturizer to the dryer parts of the skin and light/gel type moisturizers on the oily parts.
  • Exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

Sensitive skin - The skin is fragile and is prone to react to stimuli that normal skin dosn´t. The skin reacts differently but the most common symptoms of sensitive skin is redness, breaking out, itchiness and burning sensation. Some good ingredients for this skin type is, Aloe vera, chamomile, calendula, rose, green tea and jojoba oil. Look for products specifically for sensitive skin or hypoallergenic skin.

Tips for sensitive skin:

  • Use fragrance free products.
  • Avoid harsh exfoliators.
  • Use gentle cleansers.
  • Use moisturizer.
  • Always do a patch test with new products.
  • Avoid chemical sunscreens and opt for physical or mineral base sunscreens.


Acne prone skin - The skin is prone to have pimples because the pores tend to clog more easily than other skin types, If the skin tends to have breakouts often and doesn’t seem to ever go away you most likely have acne prone skin. You can have oily or dry skin and still have acne!

General tips for acne prone skin:

  • Wash twice a day regularly and after sweating.
  • Don’t over exfoliate; it can cause irritation.
  • Don’t touch your face!
  • Wash anything that will come in contact with your skin such as makeup brushes.
  • Keep hair away from face; the natural oils in your hair can cause acne.
  • Opt for products labeled oil-free, noncomedogenic.
  • With bad acne see a dermatologist.