Korean Beauty Shopping Mistakes

We are happy to see you here at Bitter Honey .

We want to help you, since there are many pitfalls when

shopping for k beauty products or for any beauty products online actually.

For example, look here! Is this reflecting the ULTA beauty store shopping experience? How about Sephora? Which one is best? or maybe worst?

Bigger is not always better is it!?

Probably best to check reviews first, if there are any. New or small stores may not have reviews. Like us, we are not very big yet :), we started out November 2020!

Here are the most common mistakes, weather buying skin care,

makeup or any such products online.

When price is too low and too good to be true, you need

to check a few things!

1 Size of product: Is it really the size you are looking for and the price

that should match? Maybe it´s 50ml instead of the 150ml you that want.

2 Is it the correct type? You need to buy the Laneige vanilla lip sleeping mask,

but when checking out it is the berry lip mask. Make sure you get it right!

3 Some merchants claim they have free shipping, especially Ebay

beauty item sellers. Everything looks great just until you are on

the checkout page, when taxes, fees and shipping costs arise from

nowhere! That´s pretty deceptive we think.

4 Beware of fake Korean beauty products! How do you

spot fake products?

Her are some warning signs: Seller is from China! Product is selling

very very cheap and reviews gives a hint it is fake.

5 Always check delivery time. Sometimes prices are low due to

extremely slow handling and shipping, it may take months for you to receive

the Korean beauty items you purchased.

6 Make sure they are responsive, by sending them a message

or email, then you will know how their customer service is set up,

in case you run in to problems with the specific seller.

We hope this have been helpful when buying Korean beauty

products online!


We hope you want to try us here at BitterHoney.com :)