Face masks: How often should you use it?

I have become obsessed with face masks. I have been using face masks 3–4 times a week. How often you should use a face mask depends on what your skin needs. I have a dry and sensitive skin, therefore I have been using face masks a lot during the cold weather and I felt like it really helped, since it provides extra hydration and moisture.

So yeah, If you have dry skin like me you maybe wanna try to use face masks more often. I usually use sheet masks (for 15–25 minutes) and my favorites is from Mamonde and Missha. The rubber sheet masks from Dr.Jart+ is also really nice.

When I have time, I use a Gua Sha on top of the sheet mask before removing it. I move the Gua Sha upwards, softly and calmly. This is a way to give your face a massage and give yourself a relaxing experience.