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Mamonde Cover Fit Powder Pact (SPF 30/PA+++) 12g

Mamonde Cover Fit Powder Pact (SPF 30/PA+++) 12g

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feature of product

Cover Fit Powder Pact (SPF 30 / PA +++)


A powder pact that covers skin flaws without thinness and creates a smooth and shiny skin.

  • One

    Perfect coverage without smudging

    Double cover powder covers flaws completely and creates smooth skin texture without smudging

  • 2

    Moist and light fit like my skin

    Oil coating powder with excellent skin adhesion is moist and lightly adhered like my skin

  • 3

    First makeup, long lasting

    Holds unnecessary oiliness and lasts smoothly for a long time like makeup

Ingredient features

The secret of a cover fit powder pact that covers a thin but tight skin and maintains a shiny skin

  • One

    Double cover powder to cover tightly

    The elastic spherical spherical powder tightly covers the pores smoothly. A plate-like powder covering a large area covers the double cover.

  • 2

    With oil coating powder, it fits comfortably and comfortably like my skin

    An oil-coated powder that has excellent skin adhesion and adds shine, moisturizes the skin and finishes comfortably

  • 3

    Blooming Light Powder ™ with petal-imitation silky cover

    Bloom-Up Light Powder ™, which simulates petals reflecting light in all directions, creates a smooth skin texture and bright skin tone.


No. 1

Cool beige

No. 2

Natural beige

No. 3

Sand beige

Light TEST

Double cover powder to express natural skin without bunching or lifting
* Applicable to self-test (individual differences may apply)