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Laneige Water Glow Gel Foundation 35g

Laneige Water Glow Gel Foundation 35g

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feature of product

Water Glow Gel Foundation

Real water foundation that spreads like water the moment you touch it

Water Glow Gel Foundation

The more you apply it, the newer the foundation that makes the skin look younger by utilizing the original skin color

Key Points

The more you apply, the younger the moisture glow skin, the higher the adhesion moisture gel foundation

Key Point 1

70% real water foundation

Key Point 2

Amazing adhesion to the skin

Key Point 3

Clear and bright young cover that preserves the skin's original color

Technical features

Water glow that utilizes skin's natural light and color

1. 70% real water foundation

An innovative formulation that stabilizes 70% of moisture in a tangle-gel type foundation, creating a moist and clean gloss cover

2. Amazing adhesion that doesn't thicken even if you apply as much as you want

The cover powder particles coated with amino acid derivatives present on the skin are set to melt into the skin to produce a smooth skin texture without lifting or pores even after applying several times

. It adheres to the skin. (Real image not working in Photoshop)

3. A bright and bright young cover that preserves the skin's original color

It is blended with my own skin color with micro-optimal color powder to realize natural cover coloring for each individual

? All the same No. 21 hot water are used. Instead of using a thick cover like poster color, it creates a natural, clear and natural cover utilizing the original skin color.

Beauty Tips

Basecorek color & foundation tailored color confirmation shot

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