Laneige Skin Veil Cover Foundation 30ml

Laneige Skin Veil Cover Foundation 30ml

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Laneige Skin Veil Cover Foundation 30ml

feature of product


Covers skin, covers, lasts, and even adheres

Highly-adhesive, high-cover, long-lasting foundation with perfect cover skin

Key Points

The cover fitting ends in a single layer, as if the skin is covered with a veil


Key Points 1

Extreme cover

Thin but dense cover on the skin with just one layer

Key Points 2

Speed fitting

The moment it is applied to the skin, the cover setting quickly adheres to the adhesion

Key Points 3

Soft milk feeling

Matty but smooth, milky spread


It was released as a shaking type to realize a thinner fit.

Shake it before use

Technical features

High Cover Powder Prescription Renewal

Completes high cover makeup with approximately 35% increase in coverage compared to before renewal.

Super close high cover film

The skin ingredients are formulated to increase skin affinity, giving close adhesion and soft feeling.

All shades

Skin veil cover foundation

No. 11 Porcelain

No. 13 Ivory

No. 21 beige

No. 23 sand

How to use


Use as a sunscreen or makeup base in the next step.


Gently spread from the center of the face outwards, gently tapping with your finger for absorption and setting. If you tap with a sponge or air puff to finish, a thinner and more durable makeup film will be created.


This is a low-viscosity type of shaking, so the formulation inside the pump may be separated if not used for a long time, so be sure to shake it well before use.

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