Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil 250ml

Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil 250ml

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Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil 250ml

Skin-free cleansing

Cleansing oil that melts sebum and blackheads with deep cleansing that even removes heavy makeup, and mugwort extract provides perfect clean pore care

  • One

    Natural virgin coconut oil

    Natural virgin coconut oil, which is excellent for skin cleansing, erases even waterproof / heavy makeup.

  • 2

    Mugwort extract

    Mugwort extract containing natural active ingredients washes cleanly into the pores.

  • 3

    Gently care for sebum / black head

    A sebum-like ingredient oil gently melts sebum / blackheads.

  • 4

    Ophthalmic test completed

    Cleans up eye makeup at once without worrying about eye coloration / irritation.

[Target customer]

  • Customers who usually enjoy heavy makeup
  • Customers who want a soft rolling feeling and refreshing skin immediately after washing face
  • Customers who are in need of sebum management and blackheads embedded in pores

LANEIGE Cleansing Oil

The cleansing oil that touches the bare face must be mildly relaxed!

* Completed ophthalmology test-Cleans eye makeup at once without worrying about irritation / coloring of sensitive eyes!

Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil

What if you want smooth and clear skin after cleansing?
What if you don't mind the oily texture of cleansing oil?
Tired evening, if you want a quick and easy cleansing?

A refreshing type without oiliness!
Cleansing oil that gives brightening effect by treating dead skin cells with old apricot oil

one. The hydrophilic enhanced wash-off ingredient quickly and lightly erases.
two. Keratin care of grapefruit and apricot seed oil, which contains rich vitamin c, restores the natural and clear skin.

Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil

If you enjoy heavy makeup?
Want a smooth rolling and refreshing right after washing your face?
What if you are in desperate need of blackheads and sebum management that are deep in your pores?

Deep cleansing that even erases heavy makeup!
Cleansing oil that dissolves sebum and blackheads, and mugwort extract provides pore care

one. Unrivaled cleaning power that natural virgin coconut oil erases even thick makeup!
two. A component oil similar to sebum melts sebum and blackheads gently.

How to use

STEP1-Steps to open pores

On days without makeup or when the blackhead is noticeable, open the pores by wrapping the steam towel before washing your face for 3 to 5 minutes.

STEP2-Rolling step

After washing your face 2-3 times with palms in front of your face without water, massage the entire face for 30 seconds.

STEP3-Blackhead melting step

The blackhead's troubled part (nostrils, forehead, cheeks, etc.) is pumped once more and massaged thoroughly once again.

STEP4-Oil painting stage

Apply a little warm water to your hands and massage again for 30 seconds.

STEP5-Rinse step

Rinse several times with hot water.

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