Laneige BB Cushion Anti Aging 15g*2

Laneige BB Cushion Anti Aging 15g*2

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Notice: This product is being discontinued by Laneige.

Limited supply still available!

feature of product

The more you tap on the cover fit complex, the stronger and more perfect cover fit!
“Anti-aging BB cushion” that creates a smooth and firm skin while

BB cushion_anti-aging SPF 50+ PA +++

My skin looks 10 years old with blemishes and fine lines!
The more you tap, the firmer the blemish and fine lines are covered, and the anti-aging BB cushion that cares for the elasticity of the skin, give it a smooth and firm appearance, and cover it all day long.

  • One

    Cover Fit Complex ™ creates a more flawless cover fit by tapping

    The plate-shaped cover particles are trapped between the elastic elastomer networks, and the more you tap, the more elastically they pile up, covering the blemish perfectly, effectively filling the fine irregularities and fine lines to create a smooth and firm skin. .

  • 2

    Dynamic Collagen_EX skin elasticity care

    Contains Laneige Time Freeze Line's Dynamic Collagen_EX to care for the elasticity of the skin and create smooth and firm skin.

  • 3

    Subdued and luxurious gloss

    The optical oil that greatly refracts light is split finely, and evenly reflects light in a certain direction to maintain a luxurious glow that looks like from inside the skin for a long time.

Key points

Incomparably new,

NEW Laneige BB Cushion!

New Point 1
BB Cushion anti-aging with improved coverage
Perfect your skin while moisturizing with a perfect cover
New Point 2
SKIN FIT cushion that helps express thin and transparent skin
Evenly, the puff content is evenly adhered to the skin, giving it a thin, even fit and creating a transparent, glowing skin.
New Point 3
8 neutral / cool colors that can be used to suit your skin tone
Choose a neutral tone color if you have a lot of yellowish skin, or a cool tone color if you have a lot of redness to complete a natural and attractive makeup that fits your skin.
New Point 4
Compact, luxurious container design
The luxurious sparkling gold color and compact size fits in one hand, expressing a trendy sensation.

Technical features

Clinically proven effect
  • One

    12 hours cover duration

    Immediately after the sample was used, the area (area) of the dark area indicating skin brightness was significantly reduced, and there was a significant difference until 12 hours later.

  • 2

    12 hours shiny

    Immediately after the sample was used, the intensity parameter indicating skin gloss increased significantly, and there was a significant difference until after 12 hours.

  • 3

    Increase elasticity

    Immediately after the sample is used, the R2, R5 and R7 parameters indicating skin color elasticity are significantly increased.Ratio of skin sagging is significantly increased immediately after the sample is used.

All shades

Neutral tone
No. 11 Porcelain
(No.11 Porcelain)
No. 13 Ivory
(No.13 Ivory)
No. 21 beige
(No.21 Beige)
No. 23 sand
(No.23 Sand)
Cool tone
11C Cool Porcelain
(No.11C Cool Porcelain)
13C Cool Ivory
(No.13C Cool Ivory)
21C Cool Beige
(No.21C Cool Beige)
23C cool sand
(No.23C Cool Sand)

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