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IOPE Moist Cleansing Whipping Foam 180ml

IOPE Moist Cleansing Whipping Foam 180ml

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Deep cleansing foam that cleanses and brightens skin with nature-derived beads and removes waste from fine dust

Fine dust removal · Skin cleansing · Balancing care
Urban-Refreshing ™ Care, found in water hyacinth's ability to purify water effectively, removes skin wastes from harmful environments such as fine dust and moisturizes after cleansing.

Brightening cleansing of natural derived konjac beads
The naturally derived konjac grains clean the surface of the skin smoothly, and the fine bubbles remove makeup and waste neatly.

Alternative-tested for eye irritation, dermatologist tested

Moist Cleansing Line's Features
3-functions Urban-Refreshing™ - Fine dust removal · Skin cleansing · Balancing care
Natural origin ingredients - Mild cleansing with natural ingredients
HET-CAM tested - Completion of alternative test for eye irritation

6-free formulated system
Animal-originated ingredients-free
Compose dyes-free
Surfactants containing sulfate-free
Silicone oil-free
Mineral oil-free