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Innisfree makeup touch-up pads

Innisfree makeup touch-up pads

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1. Neatly removes clumpy and blotchy makeup, oiliness and dead skin 
Makeup fixing tissue that neatly wipes off any clumpy makeup, oiliness and dead skin 

2. Moisturizes the skin texture with green tea water 
Wipe the skin with a moist reset tissue containing green tea water and then reapply foundation or cushion for better skin texture. 

3. No wash product that doesn’t need to be rinsed with water 
It has a no wash formula that doesn’t need to be rinsed with water so you can fix your makeup neatly and conveniently anytime, anywhere.


Neatly wipe away the clumpy makeup and oiliness on both sides of the nose and under the eyes with the embossed side, and then wipe again with the soft opposite side for moisturizing. This will make your skin texture moist so your makeup can be fixed flawlessly.