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Hera White Program Capsule Ampoule 7.7g*6

Hera White Program Capsule Ampoule 7.7g*6

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Capsule with a concentration of vitamin C as high as 60%*

Double-Core ShellTM stabilizes and protects ingredients sensitive to their surroundings, such as vitamin C, and an optimal blend of powder is encapsulated for the delivery of the freshest ingredients. HERA’s original skin brightening ingredient, Bio-MelasolvTM boosts the skin brightening effect. Vitamin C content in advanced WHITE PROGRAM CAPSULE AMPOULE has been doubled compared to the old version to give an improved brightening effect. 

* 60% vitamin C is 30% of vitamin C combined with 30% of vitamin C derivatives to minimize skin irritation.

Skin purification for a bright, clear complexion

Kazinol F in the essence smoothens skin texture and, at the same time, strengthens the skin barrier to keep it in a strong and healthy condition. In addition, newly added glutathione is an anti-oxidant that fights against active oxygen in the skin for a long-lasting purification effect.

Ampoule with an enhanced moisturizing effect and a light, fresh finish

Its texture is rich, but glides smoothly and lightly over the skin to leave it feeling refreshed with a nice, long-lasting sensation.

Changes in the skin after six weeks of using WHITE PROGRAM CAPSULE AMPOULE

Improvement in skin tone evenness and level of brightness

    • Test targeting 21 women aged between 35 and 49
    • From November 7 to December 2, 2016 (36 weeks) by Dermapro

This is a picture of participant in the test and the result may differ from person to person.


It is a six-week skin brightening program to use one bottle of ampoule per week, every morning and night.
  1. HERA WHITE PROGRAM CAPSULE AMPOULE is separated into a capsule and liquid.
  2. Open the cap and press the silver pump at the top until it clicks to separate capsules inside.
  3. Shake the bottle up and down to mix the capsules and serum until they together turn into the color of vanilla.
  4. Pump three times (per use) and gently apply across the face.


  • Use WHITE PROGRAM CAPSULE AMPOULE first and then use WHITE PROGRAM EFFECTOR, if you are using both.
  • Spread the mixture across the face and perhaps apply again over freckles and dark spots.
  • Use sunscreen to protect the skin after applying the capsule ampoule in the morning.