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Hanyul White Chrysanthemum Radiance Serum 40ml

Hanyul White Chrysanthemum Radiance Serum 40ml

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feature of product

Hanyul white chrysanthemum radiance serum

Whitening serum that provides clear and bright, transparent and radiant skin with intensive care for pigmentation and pigmentation on the skin

Whitening serum, I think it will dry NO! A moisture-based whitening serum that can be used on a daily basis throughout the four seasons.

Contains Gangwon gamguk flower extract that keeps the skin clear and transparent. White chrysanthemum is growing in our country, 'Night and Night Farm' in Gangwon-do.

White chrysanthemum line-related product

Story of white chrysanthemum

Hanyul has found the answer to clear and clean skin in our nature. White chrysanthemum is a Korean natural raw material that turns dull skin into transparent and clear skin, and is a native chrysanthemum of Korea.