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Innisfree Volcanic Pore Toner 2X 200ml

Innisfree Volcanic Pore Toner 2X 200ml

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1. Powerful sebum absorption of Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere™ 
Jeju Volcanic Cluster Sphere™ with twice more powerful sebum absorptiveness than existing Jeju volcanic cluster more thoroughly and powerfully removes excess sebum. 

2. Smooth skin care with an excess sebum control effect 
Jeju volcanic cluster and sulfur control excess sebum and keep the skin smooth and matte. 

3. Thoroughly removes waste that may remain after cleansing 
This wipe-off toner thoroughly removes waste that may remain even after cleansing.


[Directions] After cleansing, shake well and thoroughly soak a cotton pad with toner. Gently wipe over entire face, avoiding the eye and lip area.

Ingredients Full List

Purified water, propane diol, ethanol, 1,2-hexane diol, silica, blood sebum-13-decyl tetradecyl access -24, lithium magnesium sodium silicate, sodium citrate, citric acid, glyceryl rilka frill rate, flavoring, calcium chloride, ethylhexyl glycerine, disodium this dithiol this, sulfur colloid, ash (76.8 ppm), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), lactic Acid / glycol kolrik Acid copolymer, aluminum hydroxide, Flick Brassica ruffle reel tri silane, tocopherol