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Hanyul Lip Balm 4g

Hanyul Lip Balm 4g

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Nature in Life
nature in your daily

  • Hanyul Natural Lip Balm-White Chrysanthemum
  • Hanyul Natural Lip Balm-Young Artemisia
  • Hanyul natural lip balm-rice
  • Hanyul Natural Lip Balm-Seori Tae
  • Hanyul Natural Lip Balm-Jacho

I made lip balm that resembles Hanyul Nature.

Lip balm should always be moist. Gently protects lips with a buttery, moisturized, creamy, natural, clean, shiny cream type that adheres smoothly to the lips.

  • Butter (matte) type: white chrysanthemum
  • Creep (high gloss) type: young mugwort, rice, frost tae, purple

Sunshine, spring rain, wind ...
It contains the emotions of our nature. I want to bring nature to your daily life with lip balm inspired by nature's touch, fragrance and color

Lip balm is always with you. So I always thought it should be the design I want to have. Meet the lip balm that you want to be with anywhere, with a sensuous design that expresses Han Yul's natural sensibility.

Check out the natural color of lip balm that resembles Hanyul Nature.

White chrysanthemum colorless, matte, high adhesion (unisex)

Colorless, natural luster

Rice sunshine coral color

Frosty shy pink

Purple warm red